Be a plumber without expertise, qualification & apprenticeship

Getting certified qualification is basically the first thing you should ideally try to acquire when you plan on embarking on any profession; at least that’s what people believe.

Since a lot of people think this way, they allow this to hinder their choice-making, ultimately discouraging them because they think they have no proper qualifications for a job; hence they have little to no chance of getting it.


Qualifications don’t exactly mean expertise; although it’s an assuring factor showing people that at least; you’ve gone through a bit of system that teaches that profession and hopefully exposes you to a form of working environment. Even if it is advisable to get these; you exactly don’t need them to begin your journey or to apply for a job. But hey, let’s look into conventional methods of acquiring them first if you believe they are a must to have, then some alternatives.


There are various options on getting the right qualification for your preferred career choice; choosing the right means depends on your preference and partly in what part of the world you are in. Having money to fund these acquisitions is quite vital; some may be more expensive than the other, BUT THEY ALL NEED TO BE PAID FOR

  • Being an apprentice; in some parts of the world; in most parts actually, this is a major form of gaining qualification and knowledge for a skill; the best form of gaining expertise in my opinion.

Although you don’t necessarily gain the best certification by this means; apprenticeships are mostly done in small corner stores or in small organizations just trying to make ends meet; so there are chances whoever you’re presenting your certification of completion to doesn’t exactly know what company you’re referring to.

It’s a common problem but the good thing about this form of acquisition is, you get a lot of expertise and knowledge, provided who you receive the knowledge from is a good expert on his/ her own. Here’s the trick, the smaller the enterprise; the smaller the number of students AND the smaller the number of students; the more raw knowledge you’re likely to gain if not all.

It’s a common conception to believe a larger enterprise will provide you a vast form of knowledge; it is true but when focusing in one particular skill, starting small and raw is GOLD and a splendid beginning.


  • Enrolling to a technical school/ college/ institution; Technical colleges are great in regards to having the best qualifications on paper because people just tend to recognize them more; and there’s also a likeliness of getting that right knowledge you need to be practical on the work field.

Technical colleges provide an institution-like environment to teach you like normal students whatever skill you need to know; however in this, you’d also be doing a lot of practicing with your hands. You don’t get that completely raw knowledge I believe is required; but there’s a more refined approach to learning in this case.

In the best case scenario; getting knowledge from a technical college provides the best balance, you happen to get a lot of theoretical laws that actually matter and a fair amount of practical knowledge you’d need to know to tie into those theories and if you’re the type to embrace studying, calculations and practical combined, if your cards are played right, you may be starting the best way that fits you.


  • Engaging in special courses; Speaking of special courses, there’s a reason why this is third on the ranking; special courses almost never offers you practical knowledge and that’s the main thing here if you’re looking to hit the ground running in plumbing or construction in general.

However, there are other reasons to go through special courses; if you’re working as an apprentice and you’re looking to get that extra certification to bolster your portfolio while you learn OR you’re just trying to get into some dream company of yours and it happens to be part of the requirements

Why not; go ahead. Special courses can be offered online or within a short period of time in some institution; it’s basically meant to adorn you as an expert but it doesn’t exactly proves expertise neither does it provide you practical knowledge.

So to be clear on this; courses only aims to adorn as an expert; not teach you all what you need to know, hence you have to find that elsewhere; which is where apprenticeship may come into play.


  • Gaining good referral links by working for companies; this doesn’t mean you’d be getting certification documents from the companies you worked for, but merely stating and proving that you’ve worked for specific range of companies delivers you as an expert to whoever is asking, provided the companies are prestigious ones.

Yes, I know; it’s a very unconventional way of getting qualification, it’s a little confusing and you have no documented prove of how much of an expert you are.

However, managing to work for company and having someone trustworthy put in a good word for you even if it’s unconventional, has massive effects and sometimes serve as QUALIFICATION on its own.



Using money to get what you want in life or in a profession is the normal way of getting things done, there are also other ways to get what from who you want without utilizing money; True trading when it comes to learning a skill doesn’t require money although the true currency is TIME. Let’s get into how to hack the system

  • Trade by batter; An ancient form of getting your required demand, learning a skill in this form means you’re giving something you have for something you want; either in physical or non-physical form. Approaching whoever you believe is an expert and offering what you have is the way to do it; anything legal and what you deem worthy of exchange.

It might be skill you previously had, a commodity you own or some knowledge you can teach. Trading by batter is mostly can be practiced in cases like apprenticeships

  • Offering to work for free/ internships; this can be practiced mostly in companies, when aiming to learn a skill and the desire is to also work for prestigious company; offering to work for free may as well fit that criteria perfectly. Approaching, finding your way to a top executive or someone in charge of a unit; presenting your offer in a distinguished manner and you might be surprised on how receptive they may be to your eagerness and growth.
  • Contractual agreements; Contracts are signed agreements made by two parties for trade of products and resources especially if terms and conditions are to be applied. It’s more or less an advanced form of trade by batter. Bringing that concept down into the context of learning a trade/ skill; without money, arrangements of payments after skill has been learnt to a certain degree OR its agreed that for the skill you learned, you’d be contracted to work for period of 6 months or more without wages; however, allowances on food and accommodation should be provided if required.



Securing jobs with no certificate of qualification of any kind can be a little tricky; but it is possible to secure work without qualification.  It’s quite simple, your expertise must from have been drawn from a line of exposure and work on-field. However, you can’t showcase or prove it to anyone; So going in the direction of trying to prove your worth is the best option for you if you’re going through such a scenario and you have no means of gaining qualification just yet. Let’s look into the various options of showcasing your expertise to get a job

  • Create a proper rapport with an executive/ official of the industry if you can; Human relationships from personal experience has had more effect on getting things done than certifications/ Qualifications; this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play nice or force an awkward friendship; Simply offering extra help without a return, seldomly offering gifts, being professional by giving quality output and having a unique system of achieving your goal either if it’s through hard work or intelligence tends to draw people. Now targeting the right person to do it to, is another step to take, and that would require you take a deep dive into what the chosen person likes and dislikes.

Subtleness is key to achieving majority of things, try being sly and not overdoing it to seem strange. It will take time to have its effects, but taking your time to implement your methods on a person on a few months will pay dividends once ready.

  • Apply for trials or any company program offering for you to express expertise; Companies sometimes may have recruitment programs targeting skilled professionals for certain jobs, this could be the case for you if you look close enough and even if its indicated that qualifications may be required; you may want to take the risk and go for it regardless; I’m sure you’d get the chance to showcase your ability.
  • Engage in small jobs and compile a port-folio; Getting little exposures here and there from small jobs can serve as enough Qualification if done right, reduce your service charge, fix and do a few things around the neighborhood, create backlinks and add referrals and photos to your portfolio; From anyone interested in true expertise, if you engage in the right little projects; you’re more than likely to get the job if you present them.
  • Offer first few services for free; this goes in line with compiling a port-folio but it can stand on a category of its own. Offering free services to people, especially if you hit the jackpot of doing it to the right person, if you do whatever project right; you stir an emotion in peoples head because individuals are normally drawn to people who concern themselves with quality and longevity over reaping rewards in the present.

Give them good services with that will put you on the good books. Hence, to the person, you might have just earned a spot in their company.


The methods mentioned above are in no way condemning the collection of qualification or certifications but merely sharing alternative, unconventional ways to get it done; old school style basically. So if you’re willing to try it out, understand that it takes time, intelligence and patience to implement but if done right.

Building human relations gives you more lifelines than any qualification will; combining qualification and good human relations will also be excellent if your mind is going that route.



Now this is an interesting question because it’s one I would’ve prescribed to be impossible but that is totally FALSE, it is very possible because I went through the exact same thing. I just got out from college, had a degree in CIVIL ENGINEERING but wanted to get a plumbing job at a very large company. I eventually did. But how, right?

I showed concern, promise and linked myself to the right people; I met a few construction elites on field and in their private spaces, my enthusiasm showed my interest and they got fascinated because people usually run when it comes to construction

Therefore, I went in fresh, knew nothing about the topic but I gained supervisor position immediately because those who recommended me spoke on the qualities they noticed from me to who was hiring. Ofcourse, it was a blessing, some might call it luck; but for a fact, if you really want it, you’d get it regardless of the challenge.

On a final note, getting a referral or a job when you have no expertise, time in school, experience or qualification might not necessarily turn out like mine. Typically, a trail period will be given sometimes without employers not wanting to pay you wages, so take what you can at the moment.

However, I assure you; if you’re really interested and you invest a few months on field. You’d become an expert faster than you think. Getting through the stigma of being a young chap on the field is also tough; if that is the case or you feel you’re not being paid due payments by the time you feel you’ve grown enough as an experts. Make a proposition to who is in charge. If it doesn’t work out, Your newly formed expertise will be rewarded elsewhere. HOW ?…. it’s in the article.