Best kitchen appliances for off-the-grid cabins

When you start off living on your own the first time, it can be pretty challenging. There’s so much to do. Sometimes thinking about it can drive you insane, particularly when deciding on things like the best appliances to buy for your new home. Similarly, it’s that way with trying something new such as living in a cabin or off-the-grid. Screw it up and all you’ll get is a year of bitter experience.

A refrigerator is a must-have in your off-the-grid kitchen. With it, you can preserve your soups, stews, vegetables, and anything edible. But you want to make sure you’re buying the right one.

As much as electrical-powered refrigerators are popular, they aren’t the ideal refrigerators for campers. You want a refrigerator that saves costs in the long-term. That’s why we recommend getting off-the-grid propane refrigerators.

Though you’ll splash big to get one of these propane generators, but the rewards are massive. Propane-powered refrigerators are built to last long. They last longer than normal refrigerators and are cheaper to operate in the long-term. To be honest, they’re worth the expensive investment.

That said, selecting the best off-the-grid propane generator can be challenging since they’re different models available. Since they’re an expensive investment, it matters that you select the best for your off-the-grid home.

We have rounded up some of the best propane refrigerators based on reviews that will help you decide which one you should get for your home.



Best propane refrigerators for cabins (off-the-grid)

The best propane refrigerators for cabins or off-the-grid homes are often compact in size. They use less space and are perfect for those who have limited space. These refrigerators also come equipped with a noise reduction technology that allows them to run quietly. Here are a few of the best propane generators (based on user reviews.)

SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

The refrigerator is noiseless, making it perfect for your living room or office space. It comes in different shapes and sizes. You’ll find them on Amazon.

The SMETA has a single-door design and can fit into anywhere in the house, without ruining the interior design of your house.

Despite being compact in size, the refrigerator also features a large storage area with storage shelves that you can slide out easily. It has a flame indicator too, including a thermostat and piezo ignition.

The SMETA is both user and environmentally-friendly. But the best part is that this propane refrigerator comes with a freezer, which makes it a worthy option for your cabin kitchen.


SMAD small propane fridge 3 way refrigerator

SMAD is a famous household brand. They produce a wide range of appliances from refrigerators to wines to cars. When you buy a SMAD appliance, you’re buying both peace of mind and quality.

The SMAD propane fridge 3 way refrigerator is suitable for off-the-grid homes, cabins, even cottages. It has a noiseless absorption cooling system, making it great for small homes and offices. You can manually control the temperature of the refrigerator and its instructions are easy to follow even for anyone who can’t operate a propane refrigerator.

Unfortunately, the SMAD 3-way refrigerator doesn’t include a freezer. So, if you’re thinking of buying one, it doesn’t include a freezer. But overall, it’s a great propane refrigerator for cabins and off-the-grid homes. We highly recommend it if you want a propane refrigerator that is more compact.


SMETA Compact Propane Refrigerator Without Freezer

This SMAD appliance is another great value for money. The refrigerator runs on propane as well as electricity, making it a versatile option. It includes a digital manual which is very easy to operate. The refrigerator is equipped with a gas and electric thermostat, and features durable, easy to clean, powder-coated, adjustable shelves.

SMAD designed this refrigerator for off-the-grid lovers, campers, including RV enthusiasts. Overall, this SMAD product is solid!



Best wood burning cook stove for off-the-grid living

We don’t think you need a stove. We know you do. Stoves are a must for off-the-grid living. Without them, how will you make or warm a meal? Some of the best stoves for off-the-grid living are wood burning cook stoves. They keep your home warm during the biting winter, are easy to operate, and often cost next to nothing if you have your own harvested timber for fuel.

If you need a wood burning stove for camping, we have rounded up some of the best wood burning cook stoves for off-the-grid living below;

The Dwarf 5KW

Just as the name suggests, the Dwarf 5KW is perfect for tiny off-the-grid homes and cabins. Including RVs. Other models such as the Dwarf 3KW and 4KW are also available. If your off-grid home or cabin is 200 square feet or less, the 3KW is perfect for you. If your off-grid home is 200-300 square feet, we recommend the 4KW, while for homes 300-400 square feet, the 5kW is the best choice. Whichever model you choose, all are built for alternative spaces, with lots of flexibility where you install them.

The Dwarf 5KW basic design uses a three-stage combustion system to maximize efficiency and minimize carbon emissions. It has a secondary combustion airflow valve on the bottom right that gives you absolutely control over its temperature and combustion. Moreover, it has another valve that offers extra efficiency and helps keep the stove glass clean and free from soot. Perhaps the only downside to this stove is that it is made from cast iron which makes it quite heavier than some models. If this doesn’t bother you, we highly recommend it!


Cub cubic mini wood stove

The Cub cubic mini wood stove may be one of the smallest cabin stove out there, but it is also one of the most powerful. When empty, this wood burning stove weighs around 11kg. You can mount the wood stove to the wall or floor. Not only does this gives you a lot of flexibility of where and how to install the cub cubic mini wood stove but also makes installing it by yourself much easier.

The cub cubic mini wood stove also has an advanced secondary combustion temperature that greatly reduces emissions and allows for a flexible temperature range.

If you’re still thinking of other appliances for your off-the-grid kitchen, we have other ideas below you should try;


Solar Oven

Solar ovens are the best alternative to traditional ovens. These ones don’t use electricity and can bake just as well as electric ovens. Since they don’t burn fuel that releases emissions, solar ovens are perfect for summertime when you don’t want to use a wood burning cook stove. They’re also affordable.


Hand crank blender

Yes, it makes a weird sound when you use it, but they always get the job done. And this blender will help save you electricity bills. So, if you love smoothies or pestos, the hand crank blender is a must-have.


Tea Kettle

This isn’t just for tea lovers. The tea kettle does more than it’s designed for. Apart from serving tea from the tea kettle, you can use it to fill hot water bottles on cold nights, heat water for washing dishes or heat water for hot chocolate.



Mortar & Pestle

If you need to pound or crush anything from your kitchen, mortar and pestle is perfect for the job. You can use them to smash up herbs or sauces.


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