Is it better to remodel an old home or Buy a new one?

You know what’s fascinating?, it’s part of human conjecture to always contemplate whether to move on from a concept or try to reform it by making it better; be it projects, friends or even a job.

We always apply the sentiment of wanting better or more either by improving what we have or getting a replacement to what we own. Sometimes it’s best to improve and sometimes it’s best to replace. Either way it goes, it is based on your preference.

However, with regards to housing exclusively, it’s always the best choice to buy a new home rather than to renovate an existing property as far as you’re not getting the new home at a location that is hazardous to the mental, physical and spiritual health of you and your family.


Trust me, I understand the sentiment, you might be thinking now “But this is valued property”, “But this the property passed to me from generations”, “But my family loves it here” and so on… I get it, but hear me out;



  • Cost;

Believe it or not, thorough renovation of a home or structure especially when dealing with a domestic property costs more than re-building from scratch and is roughly equal in cost to buying a new home. So here’s when I would like to ask, would you rather spend money renovating an existing property or would you rather spend that same amount on buying a new home and owning two properties simultaneously. You’re beginning to get the drift?


  • Structural health;

For whatever property you own, there’s always a life span and efficiency index that’s tell you how strong its structure originally was, how strong it presently is and how long it lasts till total collapse or failure; this same phenomenon applies to your home’s structure; now considering the fact that most homes in modern times are designed to last for only 50 years or less, significantly lower than ancient prescriptions. It would be smart to not spend money trying to remodel the surface and certain parts of a structure that is already weak at its core or that has a lessened life span. To fully negate all weak elements, you would have to tear it down completely which I wouldn’t recommend. However, buying a new home would be better, then you can renovate the previous after you purchase the new, if that is truly desired.


  • Mental growth;

exponentially, coming down to complications of human interactions, an immediate response to buying a new home might be: “well, my family loves it here; we’re attached to the place so I can’t just move”. Well, to be completely honest with you, you can. Most people never want to let go of what is familiar even when it’s not the best choice to make. They feel as though they might miss out or deprive themselves of comfort, I understand it.
But let’s look at the bigger picture here, the world is a big place and there are so much differences, secrets, areas and cultures to be explored. Being secluded to one place based on comfort allows for lack of growth based on exposure and the poor choice of remaining in a place when you can afford to diversify may hinder you attaining more than you could ever know. Hence, allowing your family the privilege to move will not be an easy choice due to the adjustments that may have to be made but it is the better choice as you may now have a new home which suits your current state, experience of a new environment and an existing property to fall back to if it’s called for.



Well, with getting a home for your family, you’d first have to have a few things considered, they might not be the most conventional things you’d hear but they are the most important;


  • The environment;

the environment you’d be buying into has to be a place that fulfills all basic standards of the modern society; this may vary from country to country, However regardless, the new environment should consist of adequate security, access to healthcare, food and water, and easy access to a metropolitan region. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few neighbors around either but that’s by your preference.


  • The cost of the new home;

Do I need to say more?, The cost just has to be right and affordable, and probably resalable too if the need might come to suddenly resell.


  • The factor of growth and exploitation;

now this is the x factor, I mentioned previously that moving from one place to another should lead to the growth of each individual with regards to exposure and encompassment ; then if this is to be achieved, there has to be a factor that can be exploited. For instance, your child may like to play football, does the new place have a field where kids go to play or where he can EXPLOIT to improve with regards to his football skills?, Does your wife want to own a business, does the new place offer the right audience she can exploit to improve?. In a nutshell, does this new place allow for the right improvement in your concerned areas as a family. If so, then you have a good place on your hands.

Conclusively, No region is perfect and there might be things that don’t meet up to par with what you and your family may want, sometimes where you find might not give all of your family an equal opportunity for growth. It’s normal, but considering all factors mentioned, please ensure that you get the best you can and for whatever loose end there is, it will solve itself eventually. Goodluck.




Short answer; whenever it feels stale, discomforting or lacking.

Long answer? Well;
Having an existing property that has transcended over years or generations may eventually begin to set in as stale, old and uninteresting. Although it is advised to maintain certain parts of the property’s heritage to remind you of its place in your home and life, it is very much time to remodel and renovate major parts of the structure if they seem lacking to you.

Sometimes the existing property may begin to seem insufficient based on the growth of the family and individual needs, then expansion of the current spaces and improvement becomes imminent hence, remodeling will be required.



To remodel a home, it can be done in 3 forms; in simple terms you can refer them as:

  • Mild remodeling
  • Standard remodeling
  • Heavy remodeling

Mild remodeling;  this just involves the change of surface planes and designs only, such as wall and floor paintings / surfacing and probably some displacement and replacement of furniture. This means that you touch and change nothing else but the surface outlook, designs and maybe move a few furniture from here to there. This is the renovation worth doing if you’re simply bored of current surface designs and you don’t want to put your hands in anything too heavy or technical. Hence, if you’re just bored of looking at the same ole planes, this is the one to take.

Standard remodeling;  this one involves thorough change in surfacings, fenestrations and compartmental designs to give a different structure to the certain internal parts of the home (and sometimes external). This is usually done when the family gets bigger, might need some more rooms or facilities within the house OR when the structure needs to divided to completely indicate apartments. So if your intention is to expand, create some inner rooms or separate the house to create private apartments, this is the remodeling for you.

Heavy remodeling;  with regards to this, it really just involves tearing down majority of the whole superstructure of a building to reconstruct in an entire new form; outside and in, while keeping some key elements of the structure intact. It is basically rebuilding a new home but not entirely; so if your intent is to retain a certain land or property but the structure is too old to maintain. You can tear down some parts of the home, keep key structural elements and reinstate in similar design, as this is the renovation is worth doing by you.




Having an architect almost entirely negates the possibility of significant errors being made. Think of it this way; if you do this without an architect, you might amount an error cost of, let’s say 100 coins which you would have to spend to fix those errors.

However, an architect’s fee would usually amount to about 20 coins; meaning the professional is saving you 80 coins just by you hiring him to conduct the project and truthfully, that usually is the case. People make the mistake of thinking it’s an unrequired luxury. It actually is an essential one, except you happen to be a professional yourself.