What Colors Go With Lime Green? [23 Stylish Options]

Using super bright hues such as lime green in home décor is often intimidating. Neon shades, however, can look classy. 

The secret is using them as bold inserts in a neutral palette or to complement equally daring shades. 

Whether you’re aiming for contemporary flashy or a timeless classic, here are 23 colors that go with lime green: 

  • Gray 
  • Cream 
  • Peach 
  • Tangerine 
  • Lavender
  • Yellow 
  • Purple 
  • Teal 
  • Electric blue 
  • Mahogany 
  • Seafoam green 
  • Chestnut brown 
  • Copper 
  • Pale green 
  • Dark green 
  • Fuchsia 
  • Tan 
  • Dusty pink 
  • White 
  • Black 
  • Silver 
  • Orange 
  • Baby blue 

1. Gray

A common concern of people trying to incorporate lime green into their homes is what goes with lime green walls. 

Gray is one of the best options for walls painted in neon colors. This hue is neutral yet contemporary. Light gray can add brightness to an interior, whereas darker shades bring sophistication to a large open space. 

For a classic approach, limit the number of colors to two or three. White, brown, and teal work well in the mix. 

2. Cream

Cream is a popular color for living rooms. This timeless hue blends with classic and contemporary furniture alike, but it is rather bland on its own. 

In a modern home, lime green can liven it up. 

Accessorize a cream room with lime green rugs, throw pillows and blankets, and even lime green curtains. Furnishing complements and decorative objects like vases, bowls, and picture frames can also add an elegant neon touch.

3. Peach

A unique mixture of white, yellow, and orange, peach – the color – is inspired by the namesake fruit. This hue is often hard to define, as people might claim it is either yellow or pale orange. 

Regardless of how you see it, peach is a bright, joyous shade pale enough to give a classic touch to any interior.

Pair it with lime green and gold for a feminine lime green palette. Peach, lime green, and turquoise or bright blue look great in the children’s room.

Note: Some interior paint manufacturers mix white, yellow, and pink to create a pinkish peach shade. This color also pairs with lime green and gold, but it doesn’t work well with bright blue. 

4. Tangerine

Another color named after a fruit, tangerine, is a tone of orange. As a citrus color and essentially a mixture of red and green, tangerine works well with all green tones, including neon green. 

However, because both hues are bright and bold, they are often used as focal accents rather than main colors. 

Daring spirits can go all-in, though, and accessorize lime green and yellow walls, for instance, with white shelves and accessories, a tangerine accent sofa, and a yellow lamp.  

5. Lavender

Not a blue nor a purple, lavender is one of the best colors to pair with lime green if you aim for sophistication. 

This elegant mauve shade pairs well with off-white or light cream and is an ideal choice for a relaxing bedroom. Lime green accents can brighten up the space. 

Like peach, lavender is complicated to pin down as a color. Pantone’s 2022 color of the year Very Peri is a fine example of a lavender shade that works well with lime green.

6. Yellow

Green and yellow are two comforting colors, both with energizing qualities. Pairing two of their brightest tones – such as lime green and lemon yellow – can only be defined as a match made in heaven. 

These two hues can either dominate the ambient or be inserted as color accents. 

All-yellow and lime green rooms look best in minimalist interiors. Otherwise, the color load could be too much. As color accents, yellow and lime green throw pillows and blankets can revive a predominantly beige or gray interior. 

7. Purple

Darker than lavender and with a higher concentration of violet red rather than blue, purple is another hue that works wonderfully with lime green. But what colors go with lime green and purple?

There are various combinations that work well, but the most elegant purple and lime green palette also feature soft tones of gardenia pink and orchid mauve. 

Floral fantasies, such as floral wallpaper or upholstery, can blend all these tonalities. Pair them with neutral hues like off-white and cream.

8. Teal

When comforting and energizing meet, it can only be love at first sight. 

Lime green is a vibrant color, reminiscent of meadows bathed by the summer sun. Teal is a deep blue-green that matches perfectly with gray and black – such as lime green does. 

When combined, these hues create a stylish color palette for your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

9. Electric Blue

Electric blue, or even navy, is a sophisticated choice for spacious interiors. There are various options to lighten it up, but lime green is the boldest one. 

Throw some coral, off-white, and slate gray into the mix to turn your home into a bliss-filled tropical paradise. These dramatic contrasts create depth and strength. 

10. Mahogany

Natural wood is another color that pairs blissfully with lime green. However, even if all wood essences work well with the color of leaf buds, mahogany is one of the wisest choices in a home. 

The deep reddish brown timber pairs with neutral shades of white and cream. All these colors also pair with lime green, which can add the vibrant note your décor would otherwise miss. 

Pale pink or light blush are two other hues that can go into the mix for a romantic yet nonconformist color palette. 

11. Seafoam Green

Mixing various green shades is tricky. When overdoing it, the result is disastrous. Using too little of either hue can also look like a mistake.

The easiest way to achieve the right balance is by using the tamer shade – seafoam green in this case – on the walls or large pieces of furniture, such as the couch. 

Lime green will add the accents. Think about dramatic decorative objects, vases, or cushions and curtains. The only other color you can throw into the mix is white.

12. Chestnut Brown

Natural wood pairs wonderfully with lime green regardless of the wood shade. However, if you want to opt for brown furniture that isn’t made of wood, choose a chestnut brown tone.

Options are endless as far as color placement is concerned.

For instance, you can pair teal or deep blue-green walls with a light chestnut brown leather couch and a chest of drawers in a matching brown color. 

Throw in a cream and rust rug, and accessorize everything with lime green curtains and throw pillows. 

Alternatively, a lime green wall pairs well with dark chestnut brown furniture.

13. Copper

One of the most understated color schemes in interior design is copper and lime green. The reddish brown color doesn’t have to be metallic.

Soft copper tones and materials such as velvet or suede look amazing with lime green and can add sophistication to a modern interior. 

For a metallic sheen, you can opt for organza or silk. 

Copper fabric wallpaper pairs beautifully with lime green furniture. Vice versa, lime green walls can pair with copper rugs and curtains.

14. Pale Green

Pale green is another tone that pairs with lime or neon green. The same rules as above apply – use the tamer color for large surfaces and insert lime green accents. 

For a pale and lime green combination, tone down everything with white or light gray. Light blush pink is another hue you can add to the mix.

15. Dark Green

A very dark, almost black shade of green is a lot easier to pair with lime green than other tones of the hue. 

White or a light grey with a blue undertone are the best complementary color options for this palette. 

For the best results, use the neutral color option (white or gray and dark green) on large surfaces such as the walls or large pieces of furniture. 

Use lime green for accents only, or to create a focal point on a small wall, such as above the fireplace. 

16. Fuchsia

In a baby’s girl nursery or little miss’ room, fuchsia and lime green can create a fun, vibrant combination. 

However, the same colors can work wonders in a modern living or dining room. 

For instance, lime green curtains can pair with hot pink accent chairs and throw pillows and a gray and green rug. Keep the walls white and use neutral hues, such as gray, for the rest of the furniture. 

A chic dining room can pair sober nuances with lime green and fuchsia chairs. For a bold statement, paint the furniture in a neon green shade and add fuchsia accessories. 

17. Tan

This sun-kissed tone of pale brown is a great choice for a classic-chic interior with a twist. The hue pairs with lime green, olive green, and natural wood. 

To keep the room classic, add traditional accessories and furnishing complements. For a modern touch, throw in some vegetal and animal print patterns. 

18. Dusty Pink

Dusty pink has been on trend in the past years, and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. From pink unicorns to flamingos, it’s easy to see it everywhere. 

This warm tonality is often paired with silver or gold. But if you aim for something different, pair it with neon green and light gray or dusty blue. 

In large quantities, use both hues to decorate a child’s bedroom. As accents, these colors can work in any room. For a sophisticated touch, use dusty pink and gray (or another neutral hue) to decorate the room, then add lime green accents.

19. White

Some may argue that white isn’t a color. Yet, nobody can deny that this non-color pairs with pretty much every color under the sun. And this fact alone increases your options tremendously. 

In a minimalist home, opt for a bicolored symphony of white and lime green, mixing and matching the hues. 

For a shabby chic effect, combine lime green with various shades of pink, teal, seafoam green, light gray, and white.

20. Black

Another non-color, black pairs with everything in the same way white does. This hue doesn’t add brightness, but is incredibly elegant. 

Harder to use in interior design than white, black and lime green palettes are almost exclusively seen in contemporary homes and large open spaces. 

You can combine the two in a small home, too, but the effect could be less flattering.

21. Silver

If you want to remain in the sophisticated sphere but need some brightness for a smaller space, replace black with silver. 

Similar to copper, silver doesn’t necessarily have to be added as a metal. 

Use luxury materials, such as faux leather, silk or satin, and even damask fabric. Silk wallpaper in a silver hue can add a timeless elegance to any room. 

For the lime green part, opt for velvet and other precious fabrics that remain matte rather than shiny. 

22. Orange

One of the brightest colors that go with lime green walls is orange. This hue is very similar to tangerine, but brighter. 

In a classic home, a lime green wall can become a statement point in a living room. Orange and light brown furniture can complement the vibrant hue. 

For a shabby chic or modern effect, pair orange and cream accessories and furniture with a lime green wall. Choose a neutral shade for the other walls.

23. Baby Blue

Dusty pink and fuchsia work wonders with lime green in a girl’s bedroom. But boys who love the lime green hue don’t have to give it up either. 

Baby blue and light gray are a sophisticated yet young-spirited choice. Mix and match the hues with Scandinavian style furniture, and add lime green accessories and toys.

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