What is the best time of the year to excavate?

What is the best time of the year to excavate?

In construction, a lot of the specialists on the field see the structure being built as a work of art, a masterpiece in the making. This masterpiece must however, incur two separate structural bodies to act as one for the “masterpiece” to maintain it’s bearing.

  • The superstructure and;
  • The substructure.

The superstructure is one topic for another day but the sub-structural parts of a building is one of the more underappreciated parts of a simple or complex construction operation. Hence, one of the most vital things to understand about sub structures ( such as foundations, basements and the likes) is as much, as the structural analysis or calculations for the foundation attributes need to be top notch, the excavation process and timing needs to be at it’s best form too.

So… when is the best time to excavate soils? Or when is the best time to embark on an excavation operation for construction? Spring!. Ofcourse, there are other factors to be considered but when it’s all said and done, we believe Spring is the best time to have an excavation process done properly.



Is necessary to excavate for basements?

Yes, it is. Basements are sub-structures, they can act as a foundation and underground shelter simultaneously; For safety and storage if need be.


Why do you think winter isn’t the best time for excavation?

Well, it’s simple. The snow.


What is the cheapest time to build a house then?

Winter is the best time to BUY a home. However if you intend on building, Spring and Autumn are the perfect periods for construction. Building during other periods will lend to the risk of spending more than the usual due to various factors.


Can you excavate for a whole foundation at once?

That depends on the type and mass of foundation you’re dealing with here, for foundations that are heavily interconnected at the base level; excavating at once can be done. However for our personal preference, we prefer to excavate as we go, for large operations, we don’t excavate a whole foundation at once, we excavate the parts we would like to work on at the time and continue in such manner.

For smaller operations, excavating all at once is possible. The main thing about all this is, the soil must be stable enough to maintain it’s form when excavated. So the stronger bind the soil has; lends to being able to excavate more areas without fear of large about soil collapse.


Is buying a house without a basement a bad investment?

No,. It’s not a bad investment. In some countries of the world, basements are practically non-existent. Don’t get me wrong, in certain markets, not having a basement could delay the sale of your home or make you loose a little bit of money when you may be trying to sell.

From our experience, a basement is not enough, to claim the house was or is a bad investment; there are more important criteria that must be met to ensure your home is an ideal investment. Some people don’t even like basements.



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