As you already know, here on plumbjoe.com; we are all about plumbing and construction in general, the first being our core point of interest.

Our adventure with plumbing and construction began with exploring and studying the world of engineering, working in construction firms, journalism, researching and utilizing the knowledge gotten in developing ourselves and helping our people understand the dynamics of plumbing and construction.

Along the way, we’ve made a lot of mistakes both as professionals on the field and as normal individuals. Although what we have here (this website), we have created to educate, enlighten and simplify plumbing and construction in ways digestible and exciting to our readers.

This is to help ourselves and you understand and further change your viewing on how you see construction in all; because to us, its art.

Our Mission

The goal of PlumbJoe is to inform US homeowners on the ins and outs of home improvement projects and provide them with the most accurate information possible. So they can find the best deal.

In theory, the internet should make it easier to find the information that we need. Unfortunately, you can also be overloaded with information from different sources. If you want pricing information for a job, it can differ between suppliers. This can be frustrating.

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While we can’t do much about how the industry operates, we can strive to provide the most accurate information possible. We can also put you in touch with service providers in your local area which makes the process much more conveniant.

Some guides will be very detailed and thorough, whereas some may not be due to the extent of the project and scope i.e size of your home, condition etc. Due to this it’s best to contact a local pro who can provide you with a quote and price up the job. We make this easier than ever with our partnerships with home improvement companies.

We cover the following topics within and around the home: Electrical, Plumbing, General Maintenance & DIY.

Further to this, our blog covers more general topics and pointers around the househould to benefit you.

If you find any information to be inaccurate you can contact us here.


Joe Taylor – Founder & Managing Editor – Over 2 decades of remodeling experience, Joe is an expert in home improvement. He is now the Managing Editor of PlumbJoe where he writes guides for homeowners. His hobbies include climbing, running and playing the piano.