Top 12 Best Online Fence Design Software: Free & Paid (2022)


New fencing can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. From blocking views to impacting neighbors, there’s a lot to consider. Fence design software can help you visualize those changes. In addition, you can check materials before buying them. 

Most importantly, good design software lets you plan exactly how to build your fence.

If you know how many posts and studs you need, you can figure out screws, hinges, and more. And, if you know how things look in your home or space, you can more easily decide on colors and styles. 

These top 12 fence design programs offer plenty of options to do just that.

Most are aimed at DIY-ers and homeowners looking to remodel or build something new. Others are full professional tools you can use to create plans for your contractor or for city planning. 

SoftwareFree/PaidCostBest For
EdrawMax Paid $99/year Intermediate 
BigHammer Do-It-Yourself Fence Designer  FreeNA Beginner
QwikDraw Fence Design  FreeNA Beginner/Intermediate 
SketchUp Free/Paid $0-$285/yearIntermediate/Professional 
SketchList  Paid $200-$875 Intermediate/Professional 
Punch! Home and Landscape Design Software Essentials Paid $49.95Intermediate 
Idea Spectrum Landscaping Plus  Paid $99.95Beginner/Intermediate 
SmartDraw  Paid $9.95/month Intermediate 
Betafence Fence Simulator  FreeNABeginner 
Ultra Aluminum Railing Studio  FreeNABeginner
VizTerraPaid $97/month Intermediate/Professional 
Northland Fence  FreeNABeginner 

*This list was correct when it was last updated in September 2022. Software, features, and pricing are subject to change. In addition, this list is in random order.

1. Edraw Max 

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Edraw is a drafting and diagram solution. Here, Edraw Max offers dozens of features suitable for garden and fence design. This includes templates and layouts. 

You also get added features like pre-designed pathways and gates. This is a great fit if you are primarily concerned about layout and what will look good.

However, Edraw Max is a fully 2D program. If you’re looking for 3D visualization, you should look elsewhere.

On the other hand, with plenty of objects, spacing, and room to freehand draw on a tablet, there are endless ways to use this. 

Edraw is also ideal for contractors looking for something to create fencing plans for clients. While it doesn’t include mechanical data, you can create simple and attractive layouts to share ideas for fencing before building. 

  • $99 per year 
  • Best suited for intermediate/professional users 
  • Drag and drop interface/drawing interface 
  • Browser-based, iOS, Linux, Windows 


2. BigHammer Do-It-Yourself Fence Designer 

Home Depot’s BigHammer DIY fence designer is a go-to for DIY people. The fence design software is also known as EdgeNet Outdoor Projects. 

The application allows you to drag and drop actual Home Depot projects to build your fence. That includes sizing, mechanics, and hardware.

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Once you’ve figured out what works, you can request a price from Home Depot. That quote is then based on actual products in stock. 

If everything is available, BigHammer also provides a shopping list, so you can just go buy everything you need. That includes wood, screws, hinges, etc. 

However, there’s no obligation to purchase anything from Home Depot if you use the tool. 

  • Free
  • Best suited for beginners/DIY amateurs
  • Drag and drop interface 
  • Desktop-based 


3. QwikDraw Fence Design 

QwikDraw is a fence design software for intermediate to professional use. However, the program is also free, making it a good fit for larger fencing jobs. 

QwikDraw also offers multiple smart features. These include support for multi-fencing materials. You can also put together fences at different heights. And, you can scale drawings to your site. 

The application offers fencing advice and automation based on standard fencing. E.g., you can set chain link fencing, and see cost estimates and material needs for the full fence.

QwikDraw can also make these estimates based on rough drawings in the app. You draw the shape of the fence, set the specs, pick materials, and QwikDraw does the rest. 

That makes this a very easy app to use for planning larger fences. QwikDraw also automatically calculates where fence posts should be to reduce stress on the fence. 

  • Free
  • Best suited for Beginners, Intermediate, Professionals
  • Drawing/Sketching interface
  • Desktop-based


4. SketchUp 

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software program. If you have to design a lot of fences or a full outdoor space, SketchUp can be a great solution. In addition, Sketchup was previously Google Sketch.  

Here, there is some learning curve if you just want to draw a fence. However, the program starts out free. And, you can draw your fencing out on a tablet or on your desktop. 

SketchUp also offers plenty of tools to support mechanical and measurement notations. Therefore, it’s relatively easy to make professional diagrams and layouts. You can then hand these to contractors, city planning, etc. 

SketchUp is about modeling, not visualizing your fence. Therefore, it’s a best fit if you want to plan fence design and materials, calculate posts, etc. 

  • Free to $299/year 
  • Best suited for intermediate/professional users 
  • Drawing/Sketching interface 
  • Cloud-based 


5. SketchList 3D

SketchList 3D is a 3D modeling and design program. This fence design software is specifically made to work with wood. That means you can set up designs and solutions based on using wood. 

SketchList is a great fit for professionals who routinely build more complicated wooden fencing. For example, decorative fencing with trim or more complex gates.

However, with rates starting at $200, it’s not the best fit for DIYers looking to design one fence. 

In addition, Sketchlist is for making 3D models. This means you’ll have the option to create full visualizations of your fences. 

  • $200+
  • Best suited for intermediate/professional users
  • Drawing/Sketching interface/wizard 
  • Desktop-based 


6. Punch! Home and Landscape Design Essentials Software 

Punch! Home & Landscape Design offers full-service outdoor design. Its fence design software is mostly centered around aesthetics. However, if you want to see how a fence works in your space, Punch! is a great choice. 

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Here, the Design Essentials is probably more than enough to meet your needs.

Essentials offers hundreds of customizable fences you can fit into your space. In addition, with options to add images to your own photos, you can get a better idea of what that fencing looks like in your space. 

Plus, Home Design Essentials offers support for patios, decks, plant design, and other landscaping. That makes this a good choice if you want to remodel your full lawn. 

  • $49.99
  • Best suited for beginners/DIY amateurs/intermediate designers
  • Drag-and-drop interface 
  • Desktop-based 


7. Idea Spectrum Realtime Landscaping Plus 

Idea Spectrum is another full landscape design solution. Its fence design program offers options to visualize and style your fence before you build it. 

The desktop app also includes over 11,000 objects to decorate with. This includes different types of fencing. For example, you can choose materials, fence style, and color. 

In addition, Idea Spectrum allows you to build onto an existing photo of your home. Alternatively, you can create a 3D mockup of your home.

Plus, with access to user databases and templates, you’ll always have plenty of ideas on where to get started. 

  • $99.95 
  • Best suited for DIY Amateurs/Intermediate designers
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Desktop-based 


8. SmartDraw 

SmartDraw is a home and landscaping design program. Its fence design app starts free but you can also purchase the premium version. This starts at $9.95 per month for an individual license. 

SmartDraw is the best fit for diagramming your fences. In fact, it comes with hundreds of pre-designed gateways, entrances, and directional symbols to make that easy.

You can also add measurements and notation directly into the drawings. 

Once you’re done, you can print your diagram or export it to another document. Then, you can use it to guide buying materials, getting buy-in for your project, or otherwise completing planning. 

  • Free to $9.99 per month 
  • Best suited for intermediate users 
  • Drag-and-drop/drawing interface
  • Cloud-based


9. Betafence Fence Simulator Tool

The Betafence Fence Simulator tool is a free fence design tool by one of the world’s largest fencing brands. The simulator allows you to build fencing onto photos or onto a mockup. 

In addition, Betafence offers most of their products in the simulator. You can choose the actual fencing that they have for sale when putting your mockup together.

Once you set up sections, you can also easily export them as a different fence type. Therefore, you can quickly see what your fence would look like in different styles and types. 

While Betafence is intended for people buying Betafence products, there is no obligation. You can always choose to buy fences for your design elsewhere.

However, Betafence will price their materials for you – so you can compare them to other builder quotes. 

  • Free
  • Best for beginners/DIY enthusiasts
  • Drag-and-drop interface 
  • Desktop/browser/iOS/Android 


10. Aluminum Ultra Railing Design Studio 

The Aluminum Ultra Railing Studio is another application designed by a fencing brand. Ultra sells railing and fencing. Their design tool is also made for their fencing. 

However, you can design fencing around homes and larger spaces. The app is also suitable for industrial fencing, with planning for materials.

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Because the fencing is aluminum, it’s also a good tool for checking how other similar fencing will work. That’s true even if you’re not intending to buy directly from Ultra. 

Finally, Aluminum Ultra Railing Studio offers a wide variety of fencing and railing. That includes balustrades, railing around balconies, privacy screening, etc. 

You can also always mix and match types of fencing to get the look you want. 

  • Free
  • Best for beginners/DIY enthusiasts
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Browser-based 


11. VizTerra 

VizTerra offers 3D landscape design software for homeowners. Its fence design software is easy to use but offers professional features and landscape elements. For example, you can add plants and water elements in addition to your fencing. 

Unlike many comparable software solutions, VizTerra also offers mechanical and design information.

For example, you can add measurements, set scale, and check mechanical data. Then, you can print that to take to a construction company or to the hardware store. 

For instance, you can set a shopping list directly in the design.

You can also note how much of each material you need per project, such as how much concrete per fence post. This makes it easier to track how much you need for the total project when you go to get materials. 

Finally, you can get free software training. And, while you can export VizTerra designs to print, you can also export them to AutoCad or another CAD program. 

  • $97 per user, per month 
  • Best for Intermediate/professional users
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Desktop-based 


12. Northland Fence 

Northland Fence is a unique fence design tool for outdoor users. While you will have to submit your contact details to use the tool, it is free. Then, you can build fencing onto a Google Maps image of your property. 

That means you can get a very good idea of how fencing will work and look at your space. However, this tool is somewhat rudimentary and doesn’t offer more than basic fencing.

Still, with an interactive map, it’s one of the better ways to see exactly how much fencing you need for your space. 

Northland Fence is especially ideal if you’re fencing a larger space outdoors or want to see exactly where fencing will go on your property.  

  • Free
  • Best for beginners/DIY
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Browser-based 



Designing a fence can mean many things. Depending on your needs, you may want to make sure the fence looks good with your home and landscape. Alternatively, you might just want to check materials, dimensions, and mechanical strength. 

No matter what you want, there is fence design software that can help. This list includes free visual designers, premium ones, and a range of drafting apps. Hopefully, you can find something that meets your needs and helps you build a great fence. 

Good luck with your project.